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Sober Living in Oklahoma

According to the 2013 National Institute on Drug Use and Health Survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, it was found that 4.1 million people aged 12 and older received treatment for an illicit drug use problem. There are many treatment methods that are successful in treating the mental and physical addiction to illicit substances. Sober living, inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization are a few of the treatment methods that have been successful in treating people who are suffering from substance use disorder.


What is Sober Living?

Sober living in Oklahoma consists of a group or community of people who live under the same roof and have the common goal of achieving a drug-free lifestyle. The members of the household are able to help each other in remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol. The housemates are required to attend 12 step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous to encourage the tracking and maintaining of their recovery progress.

This environment is usually funded by an individual or business and typically consists of a household where chores and rules are set up to maintain the living space and to maintain order among housemates. If the rules of the household are transgressed, there may be a fine or penalty that the transgressor is required to undergo.

The purpose of this environment is to help recovering addicts maintain abstinence and continue their recovery in a social, supportive and structured environment. Housemates are able to encourage and help each other through the difficult times that can be experienced when recovering from substance use disorder. Furthermore, members are often required to attend 12-step meetings which can help with the preventing of possible relapse situations such as losing a loved one or friend by giving a person a place to talk about what is bothering them


Benefits of a Sober Living Environment

One of the advantages that come from living in this type of environment includes that members are able to reside in a controlled and safe environment during their recovery. It also serves as an ideal environment in which to gradually transition back into society once initial treatment has been completed, if it is necessary. For instance, if a substance-addicted individual undergoes an inpatient or outpatient treatment program, they are then able to use sober living in Oklahoma to transition back into society as a drug-free individual.

Because this environment allows the members of the household the freedom to continue with their day-to-day tasks such as work or school, they are able to continue building the skills necessary for them to completely return to society as a successful individual. Some of the people that are living in the United States including the state of Oklahoma who suffer from addiction are not able to sacrifice their daily duties and are therefore suited to undergo a treatment program at an outpatient treatment center. If it is required for treatment to continue, then the patient is advised to enter into sober living in Oklahoma to aid them during the later stage of their recovery. It is important to remember that recovery can take years of constant maintenance. Addiction is a treatable mental illness that can be overcome. There are many addiction treatment centers and sober living environments across the United States that are available to people who are suffering from addiction.


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