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Alternative Treatment in Oklahoma

Addiction is an illness that often requires treatment if addicts are to stop taking harmful substances. In Oklahoma, addicts have many resources they can call on to help them get free of their problems. These include standard treatments like residential therapy, and numerous alternative treatments that can complement the widespread use of treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Addicts develop compulsive behaviors that make them indulge in drugs, alcohol or persist with unhealthy activities like eating disorders, excessive gambling, and so on. All addiction is driven by activity in the brain. The compulsions addicts feel are generated within the brain, so regular and alternative treatments must aim to modify brain activity.

Addiction Statistics in Oklahoma

Figures published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reveal that an estimated 22 million people in America struggle with addiction. Based on national figures, there are approximately 270,000 addicts in Oklahoma. This who seek standard treatments will find them very beneficial. Unfortunately, the relapse rate is very high, standing at about 50%. Alternative treatments can be very useful in lowering the relapse rates.

There are many different types of alternative treatment in Oklahoma for addiction, and addicts should explore as many of them as possible. The effectiveness of any one type of alternative treatment will vary between individuals, and addicts should be prepared to try many different ones until they find what works best for them. Types of alternative treatment in Oklahoma include:

Music Therapy

Music has the power to alter people’s emotions. It can help reduce stress and induce a sense of calm in individuals. Many addicts turn to drugs to relieve stress, and music is a much better option than that.

Music therapy can involve just listening to music, and discovering what types of music are most effective at making addicts feel less stressed. It may also involve getting addicts to play a musical instrument, or even to start composing their own music.

Restorative Yoga Therapy

Yoga originates in the Far East, and is all about learning to control mind and body. During yoga classes, people are taught to coordinate physical activity and mental processes. They will control their breathing and their thoughts as they undergo physical exercises. This induces a sense of calm and peace, which makes it very attractive for people with addiction. Furthermore, the physical aspect of yoga can offset the physical neglect that addiction often results in.



Acupuncture is another form of treatment that originated in the Far East. Nobody knows exactly why it works, but there is irrefutable evidence as to its effectiveness. It has gained widespread credibility within the medical profession.

The theory behind it is that modifying the body’s energy flows by inserting needles in various locations helps to restore the body’s natural balance. This makes people feel physically and mentally better.

Art Therapy 

Addicts often become withdrawn as their disease progresses. Those who have been addicted for many years may find it extremely difficult to communicate verbally or in writing. Such people may benefit from exploring other forms of self-expression. Painting pictures, drawing, making sculptures, or engaging in any other creative activity can be very effective in reducing stress.



Biofeedback helps addicts control reflex functions like heartbeat and breathing. When people are stressed, their heart speeds up, and they tend to breathe more quickly. If they can learn to reverse these effects, they reduce stress levels. Biofeedback uses machines to make people aware of their heart and breathing rates, and people are encouraged to use their minds to slow these down.

By learning how to control their thought processes, addicts can fight off the cravings they may feel after they have quit abusing substances.


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